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With over 40 years of teaching experience, The Studio offers you a wide range of specialist, safe and effective exercise sessions including small classes, small group personal training, one-to-one sessions as well as personally tailored fitness and pilates programmes which are all designed to enhance your wellbeing.  A very personal service is offered to all our clients by our exceptional teachers.


Winner of the Exceptional Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Health & Fitness Industry, we have an innovative approach to teaching. Whatever your age, level of fitness or individual needs, your individual journey to looking great, feeling positive and improving your self-esteem starts here.

About Us



Winner of the Exceptional Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Health & Fitness Industry.

Full screening and consultation prior to starting exercise regarding your health, well-being, injury and expectations

Classes with 9 or fewer participants allowing for more personal and individual attention

Classes for a wide variety of abilities that incorporate individual teaching, correction and adaptations

Classes that are hands on to enable each individual to achieve their personal goals

Fitness class that are designed to challenge and achieve your expectations

Classes for clients who want nutritional advice combined with exercise

Small group and one-to-one sessions to help achieve personal goals

• Exceptional  & exclusive customer care at each stage of your visit

Why Choose Us?

Our Tutors

Christine North-Minchella

(BSc (hons), Pilates and Fitness Practioner

Christine has over 35 years experience in the health and fitness industry and has been fundamental in developing exercise programmes throughout the UK and abroad. Her passion and dedication to teaching coupled with her sense of humour have led to her being a much sought after teacher.

She was awarded Centre of Excellence Status by the YMCA in 2000 and has continued to uphold this status since that date.  She is also a tutor, assessor and lecturer.


Julie Raynolds

(Pilates Practitioner)

Julie has over 20 years’ experience within the fitness industry and at present works as a freelance Pilates and rehabilitation instructor working in the private health clubs and assisting physiotherapists. She also runs her own successful private classes.

Her years of teaching have been varied from teaching gym based personal training and rehabilitation Pilates, all of which she has qualified to a high standard with Professional Fitness & Education.

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Jill Stewart

(Pilates & Yoga Practitioner)

Jill has worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 25 years, both in Leeds and overseas, having spent 5 years working in New Zealand and Australia.

She began by taking a gym instructor qualification, and has continuously developed her knowledge through a number of different disciplines in fitness including Pilates. She gained a BSc Hons in Sport and Leisure Management. Jill also recently been works in Community Based Health programmes in the NHS in Leeds.

Rebecca North

(Pilates Practitioner)

Becky works within the NHS as a Anaesthetic Practitioner as well as working here at The Studio, as a Fitness and Pilates Teacher.  She has worked for us for many years and is qualified in all areas of Clinical Pilates.  Becky is our Mummy Fit Pilates teacher and loves supporting mums in a post and ante natal capacity.  Becky is highly motivated and keeps up with the latest research and attends workshops regularly.  she also a Tutor and Assessor for Professional Fitness and Education, Modern Pilates and YMCA.

Steve Kelly

(Personal Fitness Consultant)

Steve is as enthusiastic about getting people active, as he is about being active himself.  A keen Triathlete, he puts people through their paces in a class environment or on a one-to-one basis in our gym. Steve works with people of all ages and abilities to help them achieve their goals, be it weight loss, better health, or even running a marathon. He makes activities varied and fun, but also challenging to achieve personal goals. Having been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years, Steve is highly motivated, keeping up with the latest research and regularly attends courses and workshops.

anne pickles

Anne Pickles

(Pilates Practitioner)

Anne works part time as a dental surgeon and developed her passion for Pilates, from personal experience due to work related postural problems. Having taught dentistry at the university she has transferred these skills for ongoing education to her role as a Pilates practitioner, combined with her personal enthusiasm for exercise in any form .

Having taught freelance private classes and in health clubs , Anne really enjoys the small class experience in her work at The Studio.


Alison Spencer

(Pilates Practitioner)

Alison was referred to Pilates Classes through Physio and last year undertook the Diploma in Matwork Pilates so she could gain a better understanding of how she could help herself and others by improving posture and muscle strength.


She is passionate about her teaching and loves helping people within her classes.  Alison has a warm, friendly and attentive approach to teaching