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The Studio Logo & Strap 2020

By The Studio, Jun 11 2020 03:04PM

Hello Everyone!

I just thought I would touch base with you all and say ‘hello’. I do hope that you are all staying fit and well during these strange times. My fellow teachers and myself miss you at The Studio and find it strange not seeing you all on a weekly basis. In line with the Government Guidelines we are staying closed and will review this again as and when the Guidelines change. We won’t be rushing back as myself, and fellow teachers, believe that we have to be so careful with groups of people in a small space. Only when we feel it is safe for you to return to classes will we re-open.

Baby news!

Becky and her husband Jono came to live with us for 4 weeks in between moving houses and guess what…..they are still with us in lockdown! They arrived with little 2 year old Alfie and 7 weeks ago baby Maisy was born. Not working for the first time in my life has been strange but as my husband Peter is also not working we are enjoying spending family time together.

Local Businesses

As a family we try and go for our daily walk around Menston. We go on a different route every day and have found many walks we did not know existed. It is lovely seeing people out and about and saying 'hello'. I have found people much friendlier since lockdown - have you? We have also bumped in to many of our clients on our walks and keeping a safe distance, we briefly catch up before moving on. On our way back home we stop off at Pickard’s Deli and chat to owners Michelle and Mark whilst picking up a couple of coffees. It has been great to see some of our local businesses thrive in these testing times.

Online Zoom!

I love teaching my classes face to face in the Studio so it has been interesting and daunting, learning how to teach online. I decided Zoom was the medium I would use and embarked on many lessons with fellow teachers and friends. After a couple of practises with some of my client friends I set up 3 classes on Tuesdays at 9.45am, 11.00am and 6.30 pm with a waiting list for 7.45pm. Those clients who have joined us really enjoy the session and see fellow class mates. I do understand how online classes are not for everyone but please get in touch via email if you would like to join us. The classes are 55 mins and cost £5.

.....although we had a couple of hitches with our first Zoom classes including the cat sitting on the computer and cutting me off! It has been great to connect with clients again and chat and catch up as well as doing our valuable Pilates exercises. I have had to change how I teach to make sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly and it is frustrating that I can’t go around and personally guide and help clients. Having said that I have had really great feedback about how much people are enjoying the classes and feel the benefit.

Home Exercise

A number of clients have asked if I can do videos for you to do at home. I have yet to achieve a whole class but have attached three videos for you. Remember to think about your posture throughout the exercises and make sure you keep your abdominals connected and avoid holding your breath.

(Click on the links below)

Shoulder Bridge Exercise

Monkey Squat Exercise

Standing Tandem Exercise

Hello from Anne

As well as celebrating her 60th birthday whilst in lockdown Anne has been keeping busy with some renovations and enjoying being out and about in the lovely Yorkshire countryside. "Not quite the Himalayas but there are other ways to keep challenging yourself".

Lockdown Question:

How do you fill your lockdown?

Missing my little granddaughter so much and family of course. Wanting to try to do my bit, so I am 'sewing scrubs' for a scrub hub as well as loads of knitting/sewing. I couldn’t resist rising to the challenge of setting up Zoom so I'm teaching a little to friends to maintain my skills!

Running/cycling have always been my thing and aren’t we so lucky in Yorkshire, enjoying the stunning scenery is enough to make me want to go out .

"Missing you all ......the teaching, the sociability, the looks on your faces, the giggles, the physical challenges, the challenge of giving you all a fun time knowing what good it’s doing along the way.

love to my lovely Pilates People" from Anne in Askwith.

Lockdown Veggie Frittata

During lockdown I have been trying some new recipes on the family. They particularly liked this Veggie Frittata so I thought I would share it with you.


· 500g Sweet Potatoes

· I tbsp Oil (Olive or Rapeseed)

· 200g Frozen Leaf Spinach (defrosted)

· 8 Large Eggs (beaten) with Salt & Pepper

· 100g Crumbled Feta Cheese

· 6 Spring Onions Sliced


· Oven 200c (180 fan) gas mark 6

· Line an 8 inch tin with baking parchment

· Cut potatoes into 1/4 inch thick rounds

· Put in the tin, toss with oil, and roast for 25 mins

· Lower temp to 170c (150 fan) gas mark 3

· Squeeze water out of the spinach and spread out over the potatoes

· Sprinkle on the spring onions

· Pour the beaten eggs over the potatoes and spinach

· Scatter the Feta cheese

· Cook for 20-25 mins in the oven

Finally.....If you have any news you would like to share then please email me on [email protected] It has been lovely to connect with you via my newsletter. I wish you all well, keep moving and I hope to see you soon. Christine x