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Fatbuster Fitness

This class is great for getting fit, toning, and losing weight. It is an effective interval circuit class that raises the heart rate to strengthen your heart and lungs. We use weights, kettlebells, steps and other equipment to challenge you. It works on developing your overall fitness including flattening your tum, toning your bum and making your legs and arms stronger. An all round body class that will help you to burn calories and feel fitter. Open to male and female we guarantee you will leave feeling good about yourself.  A social fun class.


Back Care

Here at the Studio we are experts in back care management.  We can offer one to one sessions or classes to help allieviate back pain and strenghthen your core and back muscles to help you function in everyday life.  We will work with your physiotherapists to provide the appropriate exercises for your specific back condition.  This will give you the confidence to be mobile and manage everyday activities in a pain free environment.  A caring hands-on approach is adopted for all clients.



Personal Training

This is a bespoke session for one to one or up to four people.  Great for individual fitness, getting fit, toning, and losing weight. Tailored to your needs using handweights, kettlebells, and other equipment to achieve your goals. This session can be in our studio or gym.  It can be designed to help you to burn calories and reduce weight if you follow a healthy eating plan.  Aimed is to make you feel good about yourself and to have fun.


Ski Fit Personal Training

This class is designed for one to one or small groups and is aimed at getting you fitter for the slopes. Don’t sit at your desk all day or in the car and then go skiing as more than likely you will injure yourself. This class prepares your mind and body for a full day on the slopes by strengthening your core, legs and arms to ensure you ski as perfectly and safely as you can.  Exercises follow the patterns that are used in skiing and also have endurance and strength based leg and arm work.  This class can be held over a 4, 6 or 8 week period to suit you. Get a few friends together and give us a call to book. Attending Ski Fit means you will really enjoy your sking along with your après ski and arrive home injury  life.



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