Our classes are professionally delivered in a fun, friendly and inclusive way and our policy is to treat everybody as an individual. We have a range of classes for all levels across the major disciplines of Fitness and Pilates. To make sure you join the level and class that is right for you we offer a free phone consultation with a Practitioner before you book a class. This ensures you feel confident in the class and level of ability we recommend for you and you know what to expect.

Just give us a call on 01943 879816 to chat to one of our Practitioners – we will be happy to help you.

Modern Pilates & Wellbeing

Modern Pilates

Our Modern Pilates programme of clinical Pilates is supported and recommended by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors and is considered safe for people with back, knee, hip, shoulder, and balance problems. Our friendly Advanced Practitioners plan exercises that work effectively on the deep structures of your core abdominals and back muscles whilst also strengthening and toning your postural muscles. We focus not just on the core but on a whole-body approach to enable you to feel strong and confident. 

We teach ‘Matwork’ Pilates and have a variety of classes from beginner to advanced and can cater for a variety of conditions including arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many others.

The Studio - Modern Pilates Plus

Modern Pilates Plus

These Matwork Plus classes incorporate a variety of small equipment including therapy bands, wobble boards, foam rollers and fitness circles to help strengthen your core muscles and improve your strength and posture in a variety of ways. 

Back Care

Here at the Studio, our Practitioners are skilled in back care management.  We can offer one-to-one sessions or classes which helps alleviate back pain and strengthen your core and back muscles which help you function in your  everyday life.  We will work with your physiotherapist to provide the appropriate exercises for your specific back condition.  This will give you the confidence to be mobile and help you cope with everyday activities in a pain free environment.  We adopt a caring hands-on approach with everybody. You can enjoy a one-to-one session, or you can join in with a group class with one of our experienced practitioners.  All welcomed with a smile.


Our practitioners work hand in hand with local physiotherapists to help you with recovery after an operation or getting you fitter and stronger after an injury.  We can help you with your rehabilitation after hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder surgery and spinal surgery.  Our programmes will ensure you get back to fitness and health safely and effectively so you can enjoy daily life again. A caring and compassionate approach with a smile.  These sessions can be taught one-to-one and then we can guide you into a class that is suitable for you.


These classes address fitness prior to an operation or after to aid recovery. Clients who are about to undergo knee replacement surgery will be asked to get the knee muscles strong prior to their operation  as their recovery will be quicker. The same would apply to the hip, knee and shoulder. We also plan programmes postoperatively for the abdominals and women’s health issues. We also welcome referrals from Physiotherapists who have been involved in rehabilitation after an operation or injury and we work hand in hand to ensure our clients get fitter and stronger as a result.  We take great care to ensure that the exercise is appropriate to the client to ensure a good recovery.

The Studio - Rehab & Prehab Services

Fitness & Health

Total Fitness Classes

Our Total Fitness for health classes are designed to get you fit and strong for everyday life.  Based on interval circuits or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) they are effective in raising the heart rate to strengthen your heart and lungs.  We use weights, kettlebells, bands, and other equipment to challenge you.  Total Fitness works on developing your overall fitness including flattening your tum, toning your bum and making your legs and arms stronger.  A whole body workout that will help you to burn calories and feel fitter.  

These classes are offered at a variety of levels from mixed ability to super fit! This fun sociable class is open to male and female clients and we guarantee you will leave feeling good about yourself and with a smile on your face.

Walk & Talk Group

This social group meets on a Monday at 1.15pm and a variety of walks are undertaken locally. It is a great opportunity to walk and get fit or stay fit as well as meeting up with other people. Usually is a  2-2.5 hour walk and is mainly off road. There is great camaraderie within the group and lots of support for each other so,  if you are on your own and want to meet others then please join us.  We generally walk in all weathers but if it is raining heavily we may have to cancel! 

The Studio - Fitness and wellbeing
The Studio - Walk and Talk Class

Mummy Fit

Mummy Fit - Buggy Fit

This fun postnatal buggy class is a planned programme especially designed for the postnatal mum who wishes to get into shape and help improve fitness after the birth of baby.  It is an educational exercise programme run by our Mummy Fit specialist and brings mums and babies together. The class will help with getting you fit and ensure your abdominals are exercised appropriately whilst being with your little one.   Each class incorporates use of the buggy to increase your heart rate as well as standing exercises for your legs and bum (Glutes to us!) You can choose to have baby in a ‘sling’ if you prefer. We also work on realigning your posture and include exercises for abdominal realignment and Diastasis as well as pelvic floor repair.  If it is raining, we hold the class in our Studio at Kirklands. So, if you want some social interaction with other mums and would like to get yourself back in shape come along with your baby in the buggy (or sling!), have some fun and get fit with us.

The Studio - Pilates for Pregnancy

Mummy Fit – Pilates for Pregnancy

Our Mummy Fit programmes for pregnancy and the postnatal period are taught by specialist qualified practitioners who ensure you exercise safely and appropriately.

This class brings mums-to-be together to share pregnancy experiences.  Each class incorporates standing exercises for posture and exercises on the birthing ball, which help to strengthen your back, core and especially your pelvic floor.  If you have back issues or pelvic girdle pain, we can tailor the exercises to help strengthen and support your pelvis and spine.  Make new friends and enjoy your pregnancy in safe hands.

One-to-One Fitness & Pilates

Personal Training - Fitness

Not everyone enjoys getting fitter and stronger in a group setting.  This bespoke session is for individuals who wish to have personal tuition with one of our specialist Practitioners with a specific programme created for your needs.  We help you plan a programme to strengthen and tone, get fit or help you to burn calories and reduce weight if you follow a healthy eating plan. We can also plan an exercise programme to address specific conditions including back issues and rehabilitation after surgery. We can work hand in hand with your physiotherapist.   Your Practitioner aims to help you enjoy your session whilst motivating you to feel strong, confident, and good about yourself.

The Studio - Personal Fitness
The Studio - Personal Pilates

Personal Training - Pilates

These one-to-one sessions are often recommended after injury, an operation or after a fall and they allow the client and practitioner to focus specifically on them.  Each programme includes postural analysis and muscle imbalance tests as well as taking into consideration individual needs. This ensures that the programme is effective and specific for the client.  We help you to help yourself get stronger to ensure you can go about your daily life feeling confident and happy.  We can work hand in hand with your physiotherapists regarding issues of the back, hip, knee, and shoulder or simply plan a programme that you desire.  We also offer advice on women’s health issues particularly during pregnancy and menopause.